Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The not so interesting food entry...

Have u been wondering when will I post the food entry? hee.. well, I haven't been very motivated to blog and was kinda lazy ...been playing too much facebook games during my limited free time these days. -_-''

Righty.. let's see....

I cooked a simple lunch on Sunday

I am a big mushroom fan.. all kinds! But not the canned ones..

Mushroom pasta!

The sauce I used

I had to cook stuff that my grandma can munch on as she's pretty much toothless :P
Decided to make some potato croquette ..alas..it wasn't what I expected ...but still it was tasty! Grandma loves it!

Bringing the peeled potatoes to boil..

mash them up..

I bought my fav. onion at the wet market! It was my first time buying from a stall in the wet market~~!! Those childhood days where I would follow my grandma or mum to the wet market couldn't count.. hahaha..

I love this kind of onion!
The stall lady must be thinking why am i just buying one onion :P
I was surprised to find a stall of chilli in the plastic bag..I guess it's a freebie!
The onion cost 30 cents by the way
Onions are a must for my pasta as well as the potato croquette

So this was the end result of the potatoes
Gotta trial and error a few times i guess before i get it right :P
i must have added too much egg...it was way too mushy..but the taste was there lor! yummy

toasted portobello with cheese! It's one of my easy to do snack.. gotta eat it hot though.. else it wouldn't be good when it's cold. I used sandwich cheese by the way.

darn.. the color of the picture looks awful.. doesn't do my pasta any justice at all :P


Other food I have eaten....

curry chicken rice ( coffeeshop near office)

Snacking on spring rolls at White dog cafe ( vivo city)

Will update more later....

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