Sunday, June 21, 2009

~The one who loves clouds..... 让我们看云去~

if you have been reading my blog, it's not difficult to tell that I love clouds. It is very therapeutic to just look at them ..I would go to the window in my office and look up in the sky if I am feeling under the weather or stressed out . It helps me to relax for a bit and day dream away for the moment...

Have taken some cloud photos over the past week...

cumulonimbus cloud
Just before a storm

not sure what cloud is this.
the far out one..with the califlower like head resembles
a towering cumulus cloud..

These two looks like Cirrus clouds

This was taken today ( 21 June )
Looks like Cumulus congestus clouds
also known as the towering cumulus :)

Took this just outside my flat

Love the blue and white

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