Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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20th June 2009

Hey..I finally step foot upon the revamp and extended Jurong Point!~

The sheer size of it amazed me. I was there on Saturday evening with Liz ( -_-'' ...she stays like couple minutes away from the mall..and yours truly spent a good 45 mins to travel there ) I reckon I 've only covered like 40 % of the new extension wing.

Both of us being cat lovers were very happy to see that there is a cat competition that evening.

Cats' Night Out
organized by the Cat Welfare Society

A few of the cats got stage fright as they are unaccustomed to the noise and large crowd.

Aside from the contestants on stage, two cutie cats ( non contestants ) have drawn quite a lot of attention from the audiences as well...

Here they are! Just look at them~ the golden fur one has a despondent look on it's face.while the grey fur one looks so disregarding..

Alot of people were smitten by them :)

awww.....such cuties..

We didn't pay much attention to the stage by now...it got abit boring :P
Decided to head off for some food and drinks...

It was already 10pm when we sat down for food at Lai Lai
( they close at 11pm)

I had the mee sua set meal...
they have my fav. century egg tofu! :)

Ladies in sweaters
the one in pink...

the one in white
I broke my ' no buyin of cardigan ' ban
this is a new cardigan :P


How much do you spend on your lunch? I know of a friend who laments that she spends up to $20 for lunch as her colleagues love eating at resturants .

As for me.. it depends on where I go for lunch.

Speaking of lunch and food.., i tried another zi char dish for lunch yesterday :) shared it with our office temp girl ( and new found friend) Hui zi . With the weather being so harsh these days..we have been eating our meals at the coffeeshop 2 mins away from our office. We got so tired of deciding what to eat that day and guess what..we let the boss decide for us :P He gave us this


bee hoon and tang hoon combi
quite delicious

Eating at this coffee shop is not economical at all. Lunch here ranges from $ 3.50 to $ 6.00 ( inclusive of drinks ). I kinda feel the pinch to eat here, besides, I can have a wider range of food just 6 mins away ( though have to brave the sun lah..) plus it's cheaper to eat at the hawker center too. Perhaps I will not join the rest for lunch there too often .


Rene said...

Waaaah! I always ignore all the events in Jurong Point....I saw that there was soemthing with cat in the title, but didn't have a closer look at it because there were (as usual..) people standing in the middle of the way and I got annoyed by them, so that I forgot about the stage and the event.... otherwise I would've come to watch it

and yes, JP is huge :)

Julian said...

Wei! Why wasn't I invited huh?? Grrr...!

Eileen. 静 said...

Julian-- oops.. it was rather last minute! hey.. let's go there again this week. or let's go some where else ...suntec? wink wink..hehe..when is a good day?

Rene-- oh wow! i didn't know u have a blog! hehee.. great :) will link you up! yes..the cats were so adorable..and hey..we could have bumped into each other that day..pity we didnt :) i hope to see u soon at the foodies outing soon!!