Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home alone on a cloudy Saturday

What are you doing on this cloudy Saturday?
shopping? hanging out with friends? spending time with kids?

Here I am , all alone at home, having a quiet time with me and myself :)
I can safely say that Saturday is the only day I spend with myself..and I kinda like it. I do what I wanna do, I go where I wanna go :) Do you have days like that too?

Dear brother is back from his Taipei trip and brought home some stuff for us.

太阳饼, 凤梨酥和牛肉面!

我的美丽日记 face masks
I just told him to get me any mask and
wah..not bad..he got me the popular one! :)
the box is very appealing :)

The individual packaging

He got me another card sticker
will keep it for the other ez link card


Met my dear girl friends for lunch..
it has been a while since the 3 of us got together :)

simple meal of mos burger
Ruth looking good with her new hair color and cut!


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