Friday, June 19, 2009

Big fishes nibbling on my soles :P

I finally had some time to relax and was so happy to indulge in things I like!

++ Fish spa at 仟湖 ( Qian Hu ) ++
I spend about 25 mins at the pool
with small fishes..

It took chris awhile before she got used to the squirmy feeling of the fish nibbling at her feet :

I got 'sian' of the small fish, so I hopped over to the bigger fish pool and got a shock of my life!
Those fish over at the big fish pool were really big! My curiosity got the better of me and I just had to try it.

Check out the video...
the bigger fish nibbling my foot

look at this 罗汉 lou han fish!
Pretty ugly isn't it :P

I can't stand the lump on their heads :P

Blood parrots are so much nicer to look at!


We visited a near by nursery and that's where Chris and I bought the potted plants.
Chris bought this..

Neither of us bought this..
such pretty flowers isn't it :)

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