Friday, May 22, 2009

The one who's lost in time..

I really wanna blog, but words doesn't seem to flow . Is it the PMS again? Well, afterall it is the time of the month. Nothing major happened in the day.. I wasn't cross with anyone..and things went smoothly today, albeit a tiny hiccup in the evening-- when someone I don't really wish to see turn up at the door step.

But somehow deep down I can't help but was glad that I was there when this unwanted being was there. Perhaps it was it's appearance that affected my mood. Ok, I better stop getting too emotional and detailed here in my blog. I realised I can't just drop names or get too detailed anymore . I am beginning to toy with the idea of switching to password protect my blog..or limit my blog to just my close friends . I'll see how ...It isn't one of the top nagging issues I have to deal with. I dislike having all these stupid conflicting feelings all at the same time.

Now I am stuck... having a mental block. I better stop. Oh, I managed to make him hold his tongue last night. It was a rare moment and I was over the moon to see him gone all quiet after I made my point :P I know I am slowly but surely getting where I wanna be with this issue :P
And thanks to a good friend who has been helping me along the way as well.

"They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care"


It was supper night with Chris and Maria last Sunday :) I haven't seen Maria for quite awhile and this 妹妹 is still as cheeky as ever. But heehe.. she is blooming :) * can't sing too much praise ..else she will swell..haaha *

Carrying nicole's milk bag..
2nd childhood?

We were treated to
yummy dimsum at 揾到食126!

Look at the amount of century egg and the lor mai kai
is very good. Must try the 凤抓 phoenix claws too


I wanna go sing again! Those few hours isn't enough to chase my blues and sing my stress away~
It's always therapeutic to sing. I like the feeling of being in the mood at that moment and it is just the perfect way to release all the emotions in me :}

Thanks guys for the great company . I know this singsong session has been way over due. Everyone's busy and finally a few of us agreed that we really have to sing!

just the 4 of us..
a thorn among the roses..
can't remember what song was Gabe singing..
I tried to attack him with a plastic fork :P

I love the color changing light panels on the wall!

Certain K Box outlets are having the Buffet promotion
Sing and eat at the same time
The spread is quite okay..which was a
surprise to some of us :)

It was freezing mad in the room..yet 3 of us ate this

So who wants to go singing with me again!?


Gaβe said...

What thorn? I'm the rose among the thorns!

Eileen. 静 said...

*cough cough cough* .. :P okay.i should have said ur the ham instead :P