Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eileen with her new found love -- Chocoelf

My love for chocolates isn't a kept secret and many of you out there share my joy and euphoric experiences when it comes to consuming this delicious treat.

Strangely these days, my taste for chocolates have taken a vast change. No..don't get me wrong, my love for chocolates will never falter . I eat all kinds of chocolates. From the mass market brands to exclusive ranges of pralines brands ( too expensive for usual consumption :P).

These days, I have shun away from the very very sweet Cadbury . It's fruit and nut bar used to be a common item in my grocery basket . I never hesitate to pick up one whenever I scanned the rows and rows of chocolate selection at the supermarket . The everyone's favorite--kinder bueno bar is also one of my 'pick me up' whenever i needed a sweet boost. But guess what, my taste buds and brain have been rejecting these overly sweet items.( ever since my hospitalization). You know, I am not a big fan of dark chocolate; I do eat them, but not those like 70% n above. They are just too bitter for me :P Anyway..with that said.......

I think I have found a new love.

I saw her lying on a shelf in Tan Tock Seng Pharmacy when I was there for my checkup last Friday. She was accompanied with some of her other siblings . But I was drawn to I paid for her amongst other items and brought her home.

Lovely packaging
It is manufactured by a local company

It comes in a 65g bar and contains 354 Kcal . I like the resealable zip lock bag!
Unlike the other chocolate bars with paper wrappers, this zip lock bag makes it less messy when breaking and keeping the chocolate.

It's light though it melts pretty fast :)
The packaging says it's handmade

These chocolate bars are also sold at Guardian Pharmacy & Takashimaya Basement 2. They have an online shop selling pralines! You bet I'll be ordering some very soon :)

Check out the website and how the owners came about with the brand Chocoelf !

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June said...

Hey Eileen,

The chocolates looks good =) And i like the packaging. May get some to try it soon! Hee.