Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At the Museum Part II - Christian Lacroix Exhibition

We proceeded to the Christian Lacroix ( pronounced "laˌkʁwa'') exhibition after having a colorful time at Verner Panton 's. It's only $10 for the two exhibits . Really worth it. Go before 7th June as that's the last day for the Lacroix exhibition :]

Be amazed by the array of costumes and just immerse yourself into the whole exhibition setting.

It would have been great if there were really opera singers performing :}

* most of the photos were taken by my brother * I am sure u can tell the difference between a phone camera and a DSLR :P

Here are some of my favorite sketches

Lovely maid costume!

He reminded me of a penguin
~look at that~

Nice combination of colors

Now for some costumes Lacroix designed

Nice ya~?

the masked one..

* Just like watching a play or opera *

Flying ballerinas....

come to me...

Sweet pastel gowns
very dreamy

My bro does take gd photos :P

For more info, surf to --

National Museum of Singapore


EP said...

Hi Eileen,

Just a technical question about your blog: what encoding are you using for processing the characters for the pronunciation of Lacroix? I get "la_k_wa" where the underscores represent boxes which I see in place of whatever is supposed to be there. I tried most of the encodings on my browser, but nothing works for me.

Eileen. 静 said...

oh..thats strange...i actually cut and paste the pronunciation from wiki.. :P i didnt do anything to the encoding or wat leh :P