Saturday, May 09, 2009

The One who Enjoyed Star Trek -The Movie

I was having my doubts about myself enjoying this movie , reason being I am not much of a fan. Then again, I did watch the drama series during the 80s as my brother is quite an ardent fan..if my memory didn't fail me :P All I can remember was the space ship Enterprise and pixie eared Mr Spock..oh, not forgetting their tight fitting space fashion heehe.

Spock in the drama series ('70s)

So, watching the movie was quite a delight in fact. I love the witty dialogues and the effects were good. The cast were spot on as well. I was quite surprise to see Winona Ryder in the cast name list during credit roll as I didn't even know she's in the movie. It must have been some small role..strange :P

The 'new'
Mr Spock and Capt. Kirk

I so prefer Chris Pine as Capt.Kirk.. the one in the drama.. eek.. kinda has a boring air to him. Chris Pine has the bad boy look :P Ah, John Cho was in the movie too.. I can't stand his straight face.. to me..he is always in silly slapstick movies.. but he does has his moments on Star trek..

Go watch it even if you're not a big fan. I love it. With this movie being and all, some of the things mention has no logic to me..but don't think about it..just enjoy the movie and wonderful graphics :)

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