Thursday, May 07, 2009

++ Birthdays Galore ++

Sunday 3rd May

Mum's birthday was on the 4th May.. we kinda celebrated for her on the 3rd :)

mango cake from Prima Deli
Brother took this pic..

My grandma's real birthday wasn't recorded in her IC
So we got her to join my mum in blowing out the candles :)


Fast forward to Wednesday ...

We celebrated Mus' birthday during gamelan practice :)

In fact..his birthday is today! 7 th of May
Hey..cheer up dear friend. Have an open heart.. things are not as difficult as it seems. It may seem bleak now.. but as cliché as it sounds , i am sure you will see the silver lining very soon.

Hazelnut Cream Cake!

Lazy pose hahha
~~Happy 18th Birthday~~

Mus just stabbed the cake...

Here's one for the album

Here's another!
everyone looking good! :P

Let's see how long have I known you , Mus.
I believe it is close to 6 years!
How time files!!!


Met Chris for tea on Monday
Bought these to share with her
hmm..they are only cute on the outside
Not really very nice haaha .


Julian said...

Mus's Lazy pose is hilarious! And he looks like a guy I would get along with! ha ha

Oh cute cookies and I'm not talking about the ones in your hands.. ;)

Eileen. 静 said...

oh yes. Mus is a very jovial and friendly guy :)

hahahaa..whos the cookie?