Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Of beef noodles and Cheeky Chocolates

Last Friday

Lunch was my favorite beef noodles

braved the hot sun
just to packet back my noodles :P

Tea time
the stall owner calls this -Red bean curve
I have yet to try the others..
The skin is soft chewy. Generous filling


Sunday 24 may

Dinner at Chinatown

The standard of the corner coffeeshop porridge has dropped.

the chicken wings and tofu were good


Monday 25 May

We overate!

I have been wanting to try Cheeky Chocolates at Iluma and finally had the chance to do so with Chris .

I didn't know they have meals there besides desserts and chocolates :) You guys can go try if u are in the vicinity .

Set meals are $9.90. There's a choice of salad or soup and choice of past. Both Chris and I opted for mushroom soup. It was awesome! Big serving!

My choice of pasta

I love cream sauce pasta,
but it leaves u feeling 'sick' after awhile :P
way too thick

Chris' choice
The meatballs are spicy (yummy!) and
sauce was slightly watery

I was already quite full after the soup and pasta...

But greedy us just had to have desserts :P
Cake set --choice of cake and a drink

This is very chocolatey!
The cake goes very well with the ice cream
$8.90 ( comes with drink )

Nicole was with us that day. Poor girl wasn't feeling well. But was okay enough to be out.

I fed her the cream sauce pasta..and look at the mess she made ahahah

We all had a great time!

She just can't stop doing her V signs

Sometimes it's the food,
sometimes it's the company
I'm glad I enjoyed both :)


June said...

This looks like a great place & the price are reasonable too. And i kinda like the seats too - looks nice & cosy! =)

Eileen. 静 said...

hi June!

yeah..the seats are quite comfy :)
go with an empty stomach..eheehe..dun be like us..overate :P