Friday, May 29, 2009

Eileen's Pre Sale Great Buys

I really need someone to keep my cards for me for the next few week to come. I strongly foresee myself over spending for the mths of June and July~!!! It has reached an epidemic proportion as it is already~

Here's a quick preview of what I have bought in the past few days. ( I bought a few lingerie too but will not post them here ).

Blouse -- love the collar and frills

Another White top

White shirt with 'vest'

Mango tee

Flare skirt

will pair it with new top from Joop

Bought a new belt from this fashion :P
and teamed it with a dress
wore it for the first time !!
had this dress for nearly 6 mths..first time wearing it

Was at the loreal sale few weeks back
managed to stock up these

Super Cute big eyes girls folders!
from a Korean grocery shop at
Kallang Leisure few mths ago :)


Alvin Ng said...

You bought all of those? Darn that's a lot.

JT said...

I love the skirt. Where did u get it? I'm really into prints at the moment.

And the belt is cute. Which This fashion outlet did u get it from?

Btw, I love Joop. Every time I go there I feel like buying the shop out.

Eileen. 静 said...

hello Justine!

skirt's from a shop called "sixties inspired' They have two branches -- raffles place mrt underpass, the other is at city link :) they have other prints and pattern.. having sales now.. $19.90 hehee..

belt's from the big this fashion opp.bugis junction..

and yes..joop has very sweet lovely designs! i remembered they used to be more affordable.

Eileen. 静 said...

Alvin-- alot meh? hahaha.. perhaps it is compared to other times :P

山龟 said...

hey Eileen, I have the discount card from sixties, let me know if you need it, hehe.. They have aother branch at Far East too.

haha, I am also using the same Loreal hair mask! Although is a hair mask, but I treat it as hair conditioner, I use it everyday..hehe

Eileen. 静 said...

thanks dear Ivy! will borrow the card from u ! heeh..

yah.i use the mask as hair conditioner too :P