Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Weekend Delights

How was your long May day weekend? Mine was quite well spent :P I felt like a bird out of my cage! It was the last leg of my medical leave, so i was grabbing on to the last bit of it and had a well rested Labour day at home.

Saturday was spend having lunch with my aunt and we did some shopping at Bugis Junction as well . Wei Ting texted me during lunch asking me to join her on visiting our friend Eileen and cutie baby and I agreed. I felt that I was strong enough to travel! :)

We had lunch at MOF - Ministry of Food. It was teeming with customers on a lazy Saturday. The food there's quite decent and I love their salads!

Aunt and I shared all the food that afternoon.

Avocado Tofu salad..
goes well with the wasabi dressing

This pot of tea sittingi pretty on the
little tea light stove is free of charge!
I was rather surprised to see that it wasn't listed in our receipt.

Miso Char Siew Ramen

Love this :)
Agadashi Tofu


Being a mother isn't easy..there are just too many things to take care of..but it is double joy when the father helps out by whipping up delicious food for the mother and makes it a point to do the chores and takes care of the baby :) Eileen is blessed with such a husband! Mr Kwok kept himself busy in the kitchen while Eileen, Wei ting & I sat around munching on healthy tibits and chit chatting. Once awhile he would come around and joked with us.

That's when I candidly say if only he can clone another of himself.. Why I really wouldn't mind having such a sweet guy hahaha. He cooks, he cleans, he is funny.. haahah. Dun get me wrong.. I am just saying guys like him is very rare liao! You should know that there are alot of jerks out there :P

Okay, jokes aside, I really enjoyed myself being with my gal friends. Dear Eileen was telling us stories of her and her ahem.. MIL. I mean what's new..not many friends I know have super duper good relations with their in laws.. If there is ever gonna be that day, I hope I dun have to face a horrible unreasonable stubborn MIL.

So we stayed on for dinner after persuasion from Eileen and her hubby. Pity I didn't take photos of the dishes he cooked! haha. There was water crest pork rib soup, stir fried veggie and meat with teriyaki sauce . It was very healthy indeed especially for Eileen and me haha. Wei ting and I were tickled by mr kwok's funny antics lah.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention cutie baby's name. Quite a handful of strokes to write hahaa..
Come Baby Jing Han 靖涵 . It's such a refine and demure name :) We joking asked issit they like the character 郭靖 from 神雕峡侣 haha.


her looks changed liao from Day 1 I saw her :) She was sleeping quite a bit that Saturday! We were teasing her, touching her legs and hands...but all she wanna do is ZZZZ! hahaa. But cutie baby did wake up when it was time for her meal!

daddy's little girl :)

Mother and baby

Sweet picture!
Baby was staring at Wei ting

Now 's my turn :)
Auntie Eileen and little Jing Han

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山龟 said...

This baby girl is so pretty, with big eyes... 将来一定是个大美女!