Monday, April 27, 2009

What do you do when you have 10 days of medical leave?

What do you do when you have 10 days of medical leave?
( and you can't travel much )

I have complied a list of activities that I have been doing while I am on my ten day Mc.


The medication and painkillers knocked me out in the first 6-7 days after my op. I don't sleep as much in the day now as I have stopped taking the painkillers. Yours truly had to remind herself not to turn to her side in her sleep . I had to sleep on my back the whole time..even till now.

2 -Eat!

How can I not eat ya? The food may be bland, but oh well, they are nutritious , so I have to eat it. Have been staying away from spicy stuff, saying no to fizzy drinks, nothing oily nor fried as well.

So yeah, here's what I have been eating..

Fish soup...with lots of wolf berries and ginseng..

Received some fish essence as well as chicken essence . I believe there are two more boxes ..mum said I have to finish them .. 0.O

Guess what, you can take away ice cream, you can stop me from drinking Coke..but there is just one thing you can never take away from me. The answer's CHOCOLATES! I can prob.give up drinking coke, but it's quite hard to quit chocolates. Chocolates to me is like cigarettes to smokers. Damn that is bad!

I am going thru the Kinder Joy phase :P It's quite delicious. Plus u get a toy :P
I dun have much of a life i am allowing myself to indulge in such mindless juvenile stuff.

3--Play games!

I have been playing all kinds of games :) But the fact that I can't sit up too long makes pc games rather unfriendly. Still , I have been playing these on Face Book

Been trying my best to beat my own high score

It's much easier for me to play games on PSP as I can lie down and play...


Hot shots golf

Last but not least.... Battle game -Patapon..

4--Watch TV

Day time tv can be really boring. I am watching cable most of the time. I basically just channel surf and watch anything from rerun HK dramas to rerun sitcoms like Friends and food programs on ch 16 as well as Taiwan talk shows and news.

5-- Read

Have been reading these two books...

Brother gave this to me.. from the NLB book exchange! Free :P

6--Work :P

Yeah.. I managed to do some work on my excel spreadsheets.. Can't be helped.. I can't imagine the massive amount of paperwork I have to take care of when I return to the office :x

7-- Surf the Web

Take a look at these websites...

Fail Blog

How to do videos -- a site with videos teaching you how to do a lot of stuff

8-- Day dream
9-- Blog !

I know I haven't been doing much productive stuff..but well what else can I do ? The medication and pain have wiped me out pretty much and I finally got my stitches removed today :}


Anonymous said...

Ooooh chocolates! I've heard so much about those Kinder Joy thingie... looks so delicious T_T

Anonymous said...

Ohhh and and, A Thousand Splendid Suns is an AWESOME book! It's heartbreaking :(

Eileen. 静 said...

sweetie- joy is yummy! i dunno if they will be exported to viet. is a sad book to read! but i can't put it down.. almost halfway now..