Saturday, April 25, 2009

Part II of 'Ouch, I just had a surgery'

I am back for part ii \0/
* this is a long post*

After the ridiculously long wait, the ward doctor finally saw me and told me that my surgery will be done at the emergency operating theater . However, he doesn't know what time will that be as if there are life and death cases such as road accident victims, they will be given the priority . Oh well, so we continue to wait.

The auspicious hour soon arrived. At 8pm, a nurse came in with my charts and medical folder informing us that I am to be wheeled in for my op! oh goody. I can't wait to get it over and done with I tell ya.

At approx. 8.40pm , I was lying in the buff under covers waiting outside the while they wheeled out the earlier patient. Boy was I feeling the chills! * brrrr* so cold! Some nurses came around to asked me some questions, such as have I undergone op. before, do I have dentures ( noooooo) etc. The anesthetist stopped by as well to prep me for how he will be administering the GA. ( I had GA almost 6 yrs ago when I had my wisdom teeth op )

After all the blabber, I was eventually wheeled in . With the help of a few nurses, I was transfered to the op.table and they strapped me down . Now I really feel quite helpless hahaha. Soon I was breathing oxygen from the mask, and a nurse probed two fingers at my throat, while the anesthetist starts to administer the GA. It was at this juncture that I was knocked out .


''Eileen, wake up''

In my half awaken mode, I somewhat remembered lying in a large room and at the opp.direction was a guy who just had his op done as well.. so there I was, feeling really sleepy and painful...and I guess I unknowingly moaned and whimpered slightly. Guess what the stupid nurse there said?

" Don't make such noises, there are other people here'' WTF.

Try being in my position and see if you would or not. Pity I cannot remember who that biatch is now. I would have written her name down on that patient feedback form when they asked which nurses' services I dislike! Enough of stupid biatches like her. Not all nurses are nice..of coz we all know that!! * careful of such nurses!*

Yeah! I regain conscience at 2.20am and I couldn't really remembered being wheeled back to my ward. Actually the op itself took roughly an hour, but I have no idea why it took so long to get me back to my ward hahaah.. Guess I took a while to wake up. :P

It was great to see the familiar face of Christine at my bed side. She went back during my op. and came again . She made sure I had some water before leaving and even bought me soya bean milk which I had a sip or two. Thanks dear friend!

I slept thru the rest of the night and woke up to the early morning activities of the nurses and other patients in my ward.

I felt the first real pain at 10am or so when the GA worn off. It wasn't all that bad as I was given pain killers of course and was still on the drip.

Sorry to mention this here, but wtf, peeing was really difficult for the first few hours. I tried using the stupid bedpan but that just didn't help. It was just too painful a position to pee!! After seeing my agony, a Chinese nurse , Xiao Fang suggested that I should get off the bed and use the toilet.

And that was the first time I got off the bed after my op! Wah! The pull of the stomach muscles coupled with the pain.. it was OUCH big time. But I had to do it. It was pure relief to let it all out at the toilet wahahhahaa.

After solving my toilet issue, it was food issue next. The doctor ordered no food intake till dinner time. I don't have any appetite in the first place , and after taking a look at the dinner they served me, I felt even more miserable :P Still , to regain my strength and for the intake of my medication, I nibbled on some of the chicken and porridge .

( In case you are wondering, this is the surgery I had-- laparoscopic appendectomy)

Thank goodness for modern technology! There is no need to go thru the pain of having a ugly 'long' cut on my tummy. It was all but 3 tiny holes.

I found real operating clips from youtube and wow..I saw how it was being done . Methinks youtube is sometimes quite useful and educational...But don't watch if you are adversed to blood or will squirm :P

Ok.enough of all the words and blabber....

Family and friends came by to visit me during those 4 days. Words can't describe how thankful am I to those of you who dropped by :) and of coz shame on you if u knew and didn't show up nor telephoned! hahahahaa..

First up --

Thanks for the cute cow and flowers . They are from my Facebook Foodies club friends :)

Thanks, Tara, James, Alvin, Gabe, Chris, Kenneth and Sharon!!

Dear Ruth came by with present!

She gave me a cutesy card holder ( you can purchase it from her shop) . Oh, she bought me tabloid magazines too hahahaa

Sweet Xiao Yun came unannounced! I was caught off guard haahha . It was really nice of her :)

Coincidentlly, she gave me the same flower as my other friends ! hahaah..down to the same color even!

Yes, I know some of you came by but I didn't take any photos with you, either becoz I hadn't had the strength to sit up, or I simply forgot hahaha.

So , thanks Liz for coming by . I know you have been busy . We'll go out for tea soon!! Miss our shopping trip already!

Mus, where are the photos u took? hahhha.. Thanks dear for entertaining me that day.

Mr P promptly visited me too :) Thanks Khim for spending some time with me on that hot stuffy evening

oh yeah! Dear Evelyn and Dennis showed up at 10pm while I was dozing off on the 2nd night ! I was so surprised and happy to see them. Thanks dear for the fish essence! :)

Thanks Mark and dearest Nicole for coming too!! I miss you guys :)

Guess what, despite it all, it was still quite a pleasant experience this time round and it was made less of a pain becoz of the caregivers and nurses at TTSH Ward 11 C . Most of the nurses have been really helpful and nice to me during my stay.

I dare say being a nurse isn't just a have to be of a certain character to be a good nurse! It is all in the attitude. It is sad that not many S'poreans are willing to take up this job. More than half of the nurses there are of foreign nationalities .

Anyway, I just wanna say a big THANK YOU to all the doctors who attended to me and all the nurses who took care of me at TTSH WARD 11C

pss... the surgeon who operated on me is cute :P


Anonymous said...

Glad it's all over isn't it... hope you're getting even better now!

and wow.. that's a lot of stuff you got there~ and a very cute cow! I've always had a thing for cows :P

Baguita said...

Oh dear Eileen jiejie!

I didn't even know you were admitted and all that. Anyway, I hope you already had a speedy recovery. Now high tech lah, use key hole insertion.

Aww man, if only I could be the one nursing you. I think it'll be fun! I could sit by your bedside and talk to you all day long. Hehe. But again, I think cannot lah, cos I will make you laugh and that will cause you even more pain. Hahaha!

Take care!

Maria :D

Eileen. 静 said...

Jade-- yes..i know u love cows! I like all your cow friends u have heeheh..

Maria! -- jie jie miss you :) Yah.. i didn't inform the whole village so it's okay. But it's not too late to send me presents still whahah.. Kidding!

Yah.i think i would have been in great pain after all the laughing if u were my nurse!!

incognito said...

got pic of scar?