Thursday, April 23, 2009

Part I of 'Ouch, I just had a surgery'

Yoohoo.. I am taking my 'bed break' :P It's 8.30 am now..and will be taking another dose of painkillers in awhile. I can't sit up for long...but do feel the urge to blog hahaha.. so here goes... ( will update as much as i can tahan the sore in my tummy )

17 April 2009
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

I don't think I need to reiterate how long the wait for bed is at subsidised hospitals in Singapore , and in particularly , TTSH.

Am glad to have Christine by my side that day...
made it much easier...thanks dear friend

Hey..look at how her hair fall against my shoulder..
doesn't it looked like i have long hair again?

So after the doctor at the A & E saw me and agreed that yeah, I should be admitted, I was told not to eat nor drink till when told. The wait was long, I entertained myself with a novel as well as sending sms to concern friends and family. Oh, of coz, we just had to take some photos as well :P Chris was there with me... (they don't allow family members nor friends to stay too long in the waiting area :/ ) so she came in to check on me once awhile..

As the time goes by, the flowers whithered..

At the 1500hr , I finally got a bed!! ( by this time I was already on the drip...yah.duh..otherwise I would have been dehydrated)

Me in ugly standardised hospital fashion

Why can't they have sizes for the gowns? I was given one size fits all gown and was told to go al naturel under it...well..all in the anticipation of my pending surgery . The top was unflattering... ok ok..i mean it was really oversize..i was just worried of " running light''.. exposing myself :P

Did I mentioned that I opted for the B2 ward? What to do... B1 isn't subsidized , even though could still be paid thru medisave. The savings at B2 were much more substantial. furthermore, mine is just a short stay YES..I bravely went thru 4 days and nights of non air con life :P It helps that I was drowsy and groggy most of the time after my op , so I painfully slept thru the heat.

But yes, the heat did bothered me a fair bit. Had to cool myself down with plentiful of powder and thankfully my aunt wheeled me down during the hot afternoons for some respite in the food court area.

Back to pre op! Basically, Chris ( sat next to me ) and I ( lying on the bed ) just waited for the ward doctor to come and constantly nurses came around to take my BP amongst other stuff.

Will update in a bit.....need to rest now..

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