Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The One who asked for 30 hrs a day

Don't you think that facebook has indeed infiltrated into our daily life? I mean so many people are logged in during work :P


oh.. an ex colle. recently become a first time mum!

Congrats Eileen (Ng) on the arrival of your little princess!!

I was at KK to visit the happy family :)

Apparently they disallow photography at the delivery room . I am pretty sure most of my friends managed to take photos of their babies the minute they were born... did they changed the rules lately??

Anyway, the little princess was wide awake the whole time when I was there! That's really interesting for new borns! Well, you know what they say about new borns..u cannot say too many things about them for they will become the opposite of what you say! So..i kept my mouth really tight lol ..

Captured her using my lousy spare phone.. pardon the color :P

Isn't she c.u.t.e?

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