Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The One who ate at [ F.I.S.H ]

[ F.I.S.H ]by Fish n Co @ Tampines 1

Have you visited this new mall at Tampines already? I did :) of coz so did the rest of those at Tampines and few other thousand singaporeans :P Boy was it a mad house!

We didn't really shop much as the aisle are really narrow ( due to the mad crowd) just made walking a chore.

Anyway, we opt for dinner at [ F.I.S.H ]. It's managed by Fish & co but the concept is different from that of f.& co. It is a simple place... and it is a duplex( double storey) by the way! Quite interesting as we don't get many of such places in a mall..

The decor

You can choose to just dine from the salad bar ( $12.90 ) or order a meal and add on $8.90 for the different selection of salads. None of us had the salad.

Posing for a pic b4 our meal

dunno what is nic looking at.. :P

Mark's dinner
Super Spicy

Chris' pasta

And here's mine

on the way to tampines
She fell asleep in the car...


山龟 said...

I went last Friday, it was soooooooo crowded....

Eileen. 静 said...

ehehe..hardly see u comment :) was a mad house lah.. so many people of coz the long weekend helps to drive people there lor..

rinaz said...

Looks yumm!