Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Entry --Food that went into my tummy

What have I been eating :)

Japanese gourmet town ( Vivo)
Generous serving - thick layer of mayo and okonomiyaki sauce
( taste like worcestershire sauce)

What's inside? shredded cabbage, prawns, soba and egg

I couldn't finish my's just too much..the sauce kinda gets to you after a few mouthful . The mayo and okonomiyaki sauce is overly sweet and not to mention thick. But the cabbage and soba is nice :) There are other varieties.. my friend had the mochi and cheese filling one..which wasn't too bad..but the cheese thickens and harden after contact with the air.. So gotta eat it fast.

Golden mile hawker center

Roc Pizza

Super thin crust 12 inch
Mushroom and ham

Great snack to share with friends!~ The crust is thin and very crispy at the edges..
which is good for i usually am the sort that doesn't eat the edge hehe.. I ate this up :P
Well..I wouldn't say that this is yummy pizza but it's good to "eat for fun" .

My main course
Fried fish milky soup bee hoon :P
I love the condensed milk version..


Dear Liz went back to her home town few weeks ago and treated me to very nice phon pia from Sarawak

nice! Taste like HK's 老婆饼

Sure hope to visit Sarawka soon ~


Was out shopping last sat. after chores n work
but lone outing was marred by
a certain phone call from that certain person which
infuriated me and spoiled my afternoon trip greatly

I had this shell beads for the longest time
only wore it out for the first time last week


Spend couple of hours with Nicole :)

Shall leave you with this

囍帖街 - 謝安琪

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