Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eileen's Mini Escapaes

Thursday 30th April 09

Truth is, my tummy still feels slight sore especially at the right side. Plus, the wound at the navel didn't heal as nicely as the other I am still applying cream ( by doctor) to it. I do still feel tired ..this is quite puzzling as I have already finished all the antibotics and have also stopped my intake of painkillers. Perhaps it's all the cooping at home and the weather that made me drowsy and tired.

But yeah, the medical leave officially ends today..and phew...thank goodness tomorrow being labour day means that I officially go back to the office on Monday :P I can't imagine the mess on my table..nor the amount of paperwork I have to finish... -_-

Enough of this crap.... here are some updates :)

Escapade I

Hello... Were you expecting Eileen to be writing this post? Well, NO!

It's me Nicole, her darling god daughter bringing u the first edition of her escapades .

Eileen godma has been a good girl, staying at home most of the time.. So mummy , daddy and I decided to bring her out last Sunday ( like a plant, a human needs to get some sunlight and fresh air too hahaha! ) for dinner at Ichiban over at Esplanade.

I was very happy to see godma and greeted her when she entered the car. I also showed off my new toy to her. U'd never guess what that is. It's a torch light! Daddy said godma still look pale and sickly. I think it's becoz she hasn't been out in the sun for so many days..

Dinner was great! I finished a whole cup of chawanmushi. But not for a reason! I was eying at the orange slices that came with daddy's bento set. Mummy said I have to finish the chawanmushi then I can have the oranges. Boy you should have seen me gobbling up .

Enjoying every pulp of the orange!

Godma had salmon head miso soup , chawanmushi and
few pieces of the cooked sushi

See..that's me doing my 'investigation' work
I am checking if there's anything inside the cylindrical container

I am learning how to 'act cute'
Every 4 year old should know how to be cute!

Chris Mummy treated us to ice cream from
MOF at Marina...

We had a great time though I know I was a little naughty that night..
Anyway, we all went home at around 9 ish pm as
Eileen godma hasn't fully recovered yet.


Escapade II
Wednesday 29th April

I was out yesterday!Needed another breather and hey..there is a reason to be out :)

One of the members in my music group is leaving for Indonesia and wouldn't be back for quite sometime. She treated everyone to dinner and you know how troublesome it is for me to partake in 'mass dinner' these I told her not to include my share :)

Guess what they were eating....

Sashimi and sushi!!

Li ching bought them from the fish market cum restaurant at Alexandra.. I have been there...I can't wait to go back there for the fresh hamachi.

The almost finished spread of food.. oh..There was also pizza, so I happily munched into one slice and I had some pickled and cucumber sushi. I try not to eat too much for fear of a bloated tummy.

I'm glad I went yesterday!
It was fun being in company of these friends and they were trying to get me to laugh..Hahah..I am still feeling the pull after all the laughter!

See.. there's even a birthday cake!
The sweet birthday boy treated us to a
not too authentic black forest cake

Birthday boy Xin Wei and I
with unker Edwin at the background...
believe me..he was seen everywhere! hahaha

There..told ya he is everywhere! hhahha
edwin kinda hijacked everyone's photos..

Thanks Liching for the food..
seeya when u are back for holidays :)

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