Friday, May 01, 2009

Such eye catching Toyko Metro Posters!

See what I found..You know all the talk about train etiquette...the Tokyo Metro came up with a series of funny and eye catching posters..

I am sure some people have already blogged about it... but's never too late to repost here. I found some that are quite relevant to our context

Please refrain from putting on make up in the train

Oh yes.. I have encountered ladies putting on their make up in full view of everyone ! Of course these girls couldn't be bothered if people are looking at them or not..but generally it isn't too polite to do it in th open . I mean mouths open so wide when applying their mascaras, and not to mention all the dabbing of 2 way cake..oh well..

Please do not rush into the train as it is dangerous

This one is funny! Have u seen people trying to dash for the train even though the signal for door closing is on? They huff and puff and they run... but oops! the door just shut tight in front of them. What if their clothes get caught or they really do get trapped in between the doors?

Please be careful of noise leaking from your headphones in the train

How many times have u sat next to someone who has earphones on and insisted on sharing his music with u? Worst case is both persons on your left and right have their player's volume on to the extreme... and they are listening to trance or heavy metal!? I've changed seats because of that really. I bet they are pretty much deaf already >.<

Please set your mobile phones to silent mode and refrain from making calls

The Japanese really frown upon people talking loudly or phone ringing in the trains. I don't think singaporeans really care much . But how many times do u feel like telling that boy next to you to shut up or how about that auntie who is talking so loudly that the whole cabin is already staring at her? Save the phone call to your boyfriend for later at home can? I really dun want to know about how much you spend getting the divorce so aiyo.. don't talk so loud in the train lah! :P
I am always puzzled as to why people can 'share' their conversations so easily with their fellow commuters . I for one hates to make phone calls in public transport unless really necessary.

By the door, please be considerate of passengers getting on and off
( ahem.. bad english..i suppose it's a direct translation from the japanese tag line)

This is rather typical of students and some foreign talents as well. They love to be seated right next to the door...making it such a chore for people to enter and alighting. I wonder if they have brains. The train is packed to the door and they insist on being seated there. Such pests
Some students even have picnics by the door. I have witnessed it myself.. top school students happily munching fries and sipping bubble tea in full view of everyone. Lovely.

More posters can be found here.


cendrine said...

Their illustrations very cute lei. Not like our's.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha the makeup on train.. yep yep when I was in sg i saw many people putting on make on the trains and busses! I wonder how they do that! It's so shaky and people stare...

Eileen. 静 said...

cendrine- yah! Hahha..Japs love to 'package' everything.. even their posters! ours so boring :P

jade- hahaah..yeah.. i guess these girls like the attention?