Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday with a difference

It was Wednesday with a difference . Our gamelan group decided to take a break after our performance and chose to chill out at dear Deyana's new bookstore~~!!

This isn't one of those run out of the mill mortar and brick book store.. I mean mortar and brick it is..however , there is a hint of ccsy-ness and touch of bohemian about the place itself. And if you happen to pay her a visit in the evening, you may even get to see the 'lovely' ktv girls in their pageant gowns and sashes ( oh so cabaret like!) at the pub on the first level. The area where the bookstore is definitely has an eclectic mixture of business :) It is slowly becoming the
IT place to be.. eheheee.. I know this place too well, it's just a stone's throw from my his office used to be in the vicinity

The street scene from the shop..
located on the 2nd level of a shophouse
Do you know where this is?

Now for a tour of the place....

That's the name of the shop..
Cool mural

What do you expect? Books and bookcases of coz!
All the books have been carefully and meticulously selected by
the owner herself...

I love this idea of using wine crates as bookshelves~

sit , relax , read

walking advertisement for the book
look at the uncanny resemblance

me and the energetic owner

what's a chillout without booze..
so here you go..
this was just the beginning

One by one.. slowly but surely, we spilled, in this order,
red wine, beer, and more red wine on the pretty carpet

Chips and more chips!

one of our memeber, Genevieve
fed us with bread, olives, tomatoes and ham~

Our Japanese lecturer pal Emi baked a mean yummy
Pineapple turnover!
I had 3 slices!
*disclaimer* Mus sliced it really thin..

Very nice...

Oops..smokers caught in the action :P

It's nice to chill and just relax..

tied up my hair last nite.

So have u figured where is GOHD located?
It is just within walking distance from Farrer Park Mrt Station :)
Diagonally opposite of The French Stall :)

519, Serangoon Road
opens from 12noon to late..
( i may be wrong with the time hehee.. )

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