Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Cheeky Naughty Nicole's 4th Birthday

I was greeted very loudly and cheerfully by a very happy and bubbly girl when she saw me on Sunday at her grandma's place :)

She has been so excited about this day for the longest time.. and has been reminding me for weeks that her birthday is approaching. She has reached the stage where she knows that birthdays are special days where one can expect lots of goodies and presents.

So yes..Nicole turned 4 on the 22nd of March ^_^

the very delighted 4 year old..

Some of the yummy food

Aunty Catherine ( Nic's grandma) cooked this
Black pepper chicken

Chrissy bought this
Popeye :P

we had quite a sinful feast on good hawker food and chicken!

and's the cake
what do you think is the animal is on the cake?
Do you know what was Nicole's first impression of it?
She said it is an octopus!
I must say the feet were badly drawn! haahaah
It's a cat..with octopus tentacles -_-""

Happy Birthday sweetie Nicole!



Julian said...

happy belated Birthday Nicole!

Eileen. 静 said...

thank you uncle julian~~