Sunday, March 29, 2009

Importance of Being Earnest - twisted verision

Having vaguely read the book years ago, it was a pleasure watching the tale unfolds itself in a theater production.

Thanks to Chris, we managed to get the cat. 2 tickets at a 40% discount :] and last friday's show time also happened to be their gala night. So whoever that is in the industry was there..well, not that the industry is very big..after all, this is Singapore. You get to see the same old faces ..

So, yes, Tang Quartet provided us with wonderful dreamy classical tunes while the cast double up as servers, occasionally offering hor'devers to their VIPs in the front rows ( before the play started )

sneaked a couple of photos..

Wild Rice never fails to deliver a smile on my face. This time round the all male cast was undeniably a plus ! Such a wicked twist.. to cast guys as girls.. making the gay theme such an obvious in the play :) *which is why this play is rated NC16*

Cecily was played by Gavin Yap, whom I must say suited the role quite well.. he managed to act like a ditzy 18 yr old country side girl..always prancing around. Hossen Leong managed to portray a 'uptight' Miss Prism who brought laughter to the house. And how can I not mention Chua Enlai ? I can so see him wearing a dress ,being haughty as Gwendolyn

Wanna know who is my fav. of all the cast? It has to be Brendon Fernandez.. saw him in some other productions; theatre and tv. Darn , I think I do have a thing for Eurasian guys :P

Oh, the wardrobe was so so lovely, and immaculately smart . They were designed by local designer, Fredrick Lee. Ivan Heng , being Lady Bracknell, had one of the nicest looking suits on set.

All men~
from the director, producer, the musicians, to the hairstylist,
to the make up artist.. all male!

I had fun watching Earnest ..but I have to say, some of us may take awhile to get use to the accent and fast pace they were speaking in. I surely love the wit and humor ~ Great show :)

Do watch it if u have the time and company

Details here . It ends on 11/04/09

Happy audience :)

"I have always been of opinion that a man who desires to get married should know either everything or nothing"

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