Sunday, March 29, 2009

The one @the movies

It has been awhile since i posted anything on movies! Yes yes, I have been watching them.. ehehe.. quite a few actually

Let's start with this...

Caught this on monday.. about how this speical group of humans with telekinetic powers , either pushers, watchers, or movers are supposedly to be trained by their Division. Most of them who doesn't compile will be forced to. Nothing speical about the movie.. watchable ..It is set in Hong Kong.. and I have no idea who were those Chinese in the movie.. prob. some B grade talents..
I felt that I was watching some tourism program on HK...

Has my fav. child actor...who of coz has grown up over time...

Dakota Fanning
Her special powers is the ability to draw the future


Brother gave me this book 2 years ago
I laughed and cried as I read it..

And's the movie. How can any dog lover miss this show?
just look at them.. the dogs I meant...
it is a long term commitment --having a dog..

Marley messing up the place after a thunderstorm

The production used 22 labs for the movie!
Marley eventually died of stomach complications..

Best Foreign Film for this year's Oscars..

Beautifully shot, with an equally beautiful story
Undoubtedly a winner..

Watched it with a friend last week and I cried buckets..
so did many others in the cinema..

Yet another sci fi movie ..
about aliens and how their planet is being at risk
and their pursue of the spaceship which was hidden away by humans

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