Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eileen's mid week photography entry

*Photography entry*

Eileen's shopping basket

Some of the things I bought lately :P

Cutesy cat bag

Another bag!
Bought this from dear Ruth's shop :)

Another bag!! hahaaa
one of my aunts got it from Shanghai
A girl can always use another bag rite?

This is from Mustafa

Cheap teeshirt


Met Ruth for a quick afternoon chitchat

we had cheap and oh so cooling desserts at
Ah Chew's
it's Ruth's first time there

Look at those colors!

Aloe vera , lime and strawberry
very refreshing

This is so 古早


能和悦恒一边吃着聊着, 感觉好好。。


Have u been to the new mall * Iluma * opp. bugis junction?
Yes they are kinda opened already..
the movie theaters are in operation already
It's all the way up on the 5th level

I was there few days ago for
Confession of a shopaholic!

Look..they have this super mega long escalator that
will bring you up from the 1st level to the 5th

It isn't in operation yet.. the escalator I mean
I guess they will on it when more shops are open..
or when more shoppers start to stream in.

it is not for the faint hearted or
those with phobia of height


What I have been wearing

How apt for a monday
I was Miss Blue

on another Wedesday
I was Miss Brown

Yeah..finally wore my mango flora top


今天在facebook看到她和家人的合照,忍不住的又写了封facebook mail给她


Jade said...

Oh my oh my I love entries like this! The shopaholic in Eileen.. hehe :DD

I so heart the cat bag and the blue top and the mango flora top! Florals are in this spring and I haven't really gotten to put on my share of colours... sigh :(

Brown tuesday was great as well, I like how you matched the bag with the outfit~~

Eileen. 静 said...

hehe.thanks dear

i usually though no one really read such entries..

yeah.. flora is so in this spring isn't it . come on.. wear something bright and post it! u look lovely in bright colors!