Sunday, March 22, 2009

It has been a busy busy week! More to come... say that this has been a busy week is surely an understatement!
My ensemble's performance ended on a big round of applause from the audience

Preperations for the performance started couple of months ago and after practices and rehearsals , we managed to play reasonable well ;)

Program notes and my sarong

Most of us wore the costume made in Solo Indonesia . As for the sarong, my friends did get me one during their first trip there, however, I wasn't pretty please with the design and according to one of my friends -- " it looks like table cloth''.... -_-"" so you tell me..i wouldn't wanna be seen as if wearing one! So 3 hours before our last dress rehearsal on Saturday.. I made a dash to Mustafa to get the one that I wore for the performance. It was a good choice as most of my friends said it has pretty prints ;) Phew!

wanna see how the 'table cloth' like sarong looks like? Come to think of it, it wasn't really that bad, just that it wasn't as pretty as the rest of the girls'

Me and Mus with the LT as backdrop...
that's the sarong.. I guess I'll still
wear it on some other peformance :)

During rehearsal..seated in front of my instrument
I was playing alot of fast pieces on this instrument
and had to hit really hard. My right arm was sored after
the performance! The wooden mallet is afterall not very light....

Oops my sms-ing got caught by Mus

In the changing room hehe
As u can see...i still can't tie a sarong very well
look at the ugly bulge in the middle.. eeks!


I have to cut short this update again...
I am already late for my lunch appt!
And it's Nicole's birthday today
gotta celebrate with her later!!

gotta fly now... till later.

Edited -- It's 12.50am now, Monday the midst of editing the photos and trying to finish up this post

Do you know how difficult it was to sit down wearing a sarong? My legs had pins and needles as some of the pieces we play were rather long and had no room for me to change the sitting position. Overall I am quite pleased with myself plus the fact I still managed to fit into the kebaya of coz.. hahaha. An old friend brought his friend along to watch ..though they left during intermission due to hunger pangs ;p Well..all I can say is music like what we play is kinda of an acquired taste . Nevertheless, it was good effort on their part to drop by

~~~More photos~~~
top -left to right- Xinwei, Precious , Nassar
bottom- Deyana, Xinwei ( dance costume)

Our happy family portrait
Everyone is all smiles

Our serious one!
Alicia looked damn fierce!

Khim came to watch us..and we were joined by Edwin and Alicia for supper at crystal jade h.v

I only realised I didn't even take a single photo with Edwin the entire day! And also didn't capture any photos of him!! why why.. aiyo.

my yummy porridge...


Julian said...

lawa nya bibik lim! *grins*

Eileen. 静 said...

ehehe...thanks jule ;)