Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whisk Cafe. Lounge @ Wisma

Liz and I met again ;) We have been meeting pretty often which is quite a welcome. It's always good to know you have good friends around you...

Anyway, we had a quick lunch at this restaurant in Wisma

I was attracted to the whimsical decor...
I was wearing my mango tube top ;)

it was a sunday . 2 pm. Very empty Whisk of about 4 tables of 2 couples each. I have passed by this place a few times and since it seems inviting and cosy, we decided to pop by for a simple lunch.

Love the menu design

Servers were friendly enough for a start. We get to choose our table since there was no crowd. Upon seated, we started looking at the menu. There were about 3 male servers. Liz wanted to order the Chicken and corn soup with poached egg but she wanted her egg to be thoroughly cooked.

So when the male server came to take our orders, I told him that the egg for the soup has to be thoroughly cooked and guess what was his first answer.. He said No..cannot. We were shocked. And we could also hear that he isn't well versed with english. So in the end, he said he will check with the kitchen with regards to the egg.

Basically food wasn't fantastic. I ordered the clam chowder soup , which was a disappointment considering the price of $6.9++. It tasted 'can like' i think it be renamed to non clam chowder soup. The clams were minuscule. Liz' chicken and corn soup was also a flop to us. It was a tad salty.

Clam Chowder

My main course sorta ..was the recommended tandoori chicken with veggi and yogurt wrap. It looked delicious to be honest..i welcomed the sight of all the veggi on my plate ..but I was again disappointed with it. Chicken was dry and was it even 'tandoori' i wonder. and where is the promised yogurt ? The thing about wraps is there should be enough sauce in every bite.

Our experience there was just okay. I might go back again for the fish and chips. It looked good on someone else's table hahaha. We'll see how! Coz I expect service to be there ..however, service here was below my acceptable trash hold hehehee.. The NO from the server just kinda did it for us! Darn , I should have feedback to the cute manager..hahahha

435 Orchard Road
#03-15 Wisma Atria

Tel: 6836 5080

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