Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is your name listed as in your friend's phone list?

Ever wondered how your name is being stored in your boss' handphone ? Or does your friends stored your name as it is or with certain strange prefix or abbreviation ? Perhaps you yourself gave strange terms of 'endearment' for bosses, co workers that you don't don't get along with. Worst ... you have nicknames for every single one in your phone list!

I for one love to tag information like company name of the person, or where I got to know the person from (eg. facebook/forums/etc). It is very simple, we just wanna identify our friends in the list..isn't it? Of coz you can name the person anything you like, but best bet would be his name! Sure, you can get real mean and malicious about it and name him " Balding Tom with a big belly", or "BO Sue"..and yet you can joke and have a meal with BO Sue any other day. I find that such a pretense ( am i diverting from my topic? haha)

And what if it's a guy who has countless lovers on the side..and doesn't want his wife to know about them..he would have conveniently given them guys' names ( isn't it so true guys..).

I scrolled down my list and low and behold.. I have such a boring list! No 'lover 1', no 'fat ass joe', no ' i love you so much deary " nor sweety pie nicole". Mine are just plain old names.

My jaws dropped when I saw what friend A listed friend B as in his phone when friend B called friend A one sunny afternoon . He was away from the table where he placed the phone..hence I could see the caller display as it flashes when the phone rang.

It wasn't what I expected.I was stunned momentarily .. yet at the same time, it reflects what kind of 'relationship' these two friends have. They can spend hours discussing about stuff and yet, the kind of 'endearment' on the phone. It was a word that described the person's bodily appearance followed by his surname.

I so do not want such terms to be prefix on my name!! I will do a spot check soon.. be warn!

So have u ever wondered? Is it Silly billy? or Fat sloth , or pimpled face? Just Eileen for me is fine..

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