Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Friendship Continues to Bloom!

With my currently health conditions , sometimes it's just difficult to meet friends as I might be really tired, no mood to socialize or just having one of those ' I am not well, and my medication made me drowsy" mood. The meet up with this bunch of pals has been postponed and pushed back for the longest time. There were lots of talk about it, yet it was all but just passing clouds.. nothing really came true .

But it finally took place last Saturday! albeit not all were present. That didn't quite bothered us as we all really enjoyed one another's company. To think that we have known each other for a few years already! Like Julian said, who's to know that we are able to stay in touch despite of our other commitments :)

We met at Vivocity, and had our dinner at Food Republic on the 4th level. I love the food in this particular foodcourt as well as the interior decor.

It was off to a nice cuppa and desserts at Coffee Beans . Pity the cake I ordered as a disappointment. It seems that the cake standards at Coffee Beans has taken a nose dive .

Our youngest pal - Alicia! ( Nice milk mustache!)
She's gonna be a high flyer soon!
It feels good hanging out again with them

Julian and Gautam ( Liz's Beau)
See the cake on the left? That's Julian's
Happy carrot cake!

Pity Andrew was a tad late . He too just joined the cough and cold gang and kinda overslept. So by the time he came, we kinda didn't had the mood for pictures :P

Let's do this soon guys! Miss you already :)


Met Liz on Sunday again! We totally have no plans so it was time for tete a tete and more yakking . ( we have a daily speech quota to hit you know!! * winks at Ruth * )

I love the food and drinks at Ochacha!
I had the sandwich and hot matcha
while Liz munched on the light mocha sponge cake
and ice blended azuki matcha

It's nice! The salad is quite subsential!
You can tell the server not to add too much wasabi

Liz has always been a great friend.. and she is always there when I needed a listening ear or some advice. She like wise confides in me at times :)

So we talked, we shopped, we ate.... just the best way to spend time on a easy Sunday

Dinner at Marina food court
Me and one of my cardi!


Latest acquisition --there are more, but I'll just post two hehehe

Haven't bought a wallet in a while! like years! I always double up my card holder or wristlet as my wallet

From Toscano

My silver coin pouch really complements the wallet!

As some of you may know, it's not easy for me to be able to find
covered shoes that fit me well..

Leather flats from Sole lovers (jwest)
I need to add colors to my feet: )

I am suppose to be in Bali, Ubub actually.
Guess I was glad i didn't , cos of health reasons.
But I am feelin the need to travel again!

Join me? anyone ? :)


Julian said...

Woo Hoo! Good to see you laugh....Oh and Liz looks the same on Sat and Sun...oops

Eileen. 静 said...

hahaha. Jules, aren't you observent ? hehehhe .. *wink*

naitnix said...

I would like to travel too, just to unwind and get out of the current state. Maybe we can plan a trip tgt sometime soon.

Tiny tots of a 3/4 perfectionist said...

Gosh, I do not deserve such worthy words "high flyer". Kinda stuck at my current height, too old to continue puberty hahaha.

Anyways, it was great catching up with such a great bunch of friends. Ahh, the lil joys in life :)