Friday, February 20, 2009

let's hang out at Ikea showroom....... literally..

Pls pls remind me not to buy any more cardi or sweaters in the next few mths ...

there are 9 here..
actually there are a few more stuck
somewhere in my wardrobe..

There are a few colors I'll avoid buying when it comes to sweaters/cardi..
Pink, baby blue and white......
They make me look like a balloon!


Have u hang out in an Ikea showroom before?

We did!

Nice cozy corner with country style dresser

Pink cardis are for girls like Ruth!
Tall and slim :P

I 'll stick to dark colors

We sat on the bed and big comfy stool for a good 15 mins
before moving on.. Why not right!?
There's warm lightings, aircon, soft bedsheets....
it's just like chilling out at home!

yes, i was still having slight cough..
no..i didn't eat the chicken wings...
I had the baked chicken thigh n 2 meat balls :)



ruth said...

I lurve hanging out at ikea ... with you! haha ~ let's do this again sometime (doesn't have to be ikea lah) ... after I regain my freedom! :P

Jade said...

I love cardigans too! They're so functional and goes with almost everything :P Like that spaghetti strap which you find too revealing, just zaaap a cardigan on and it's perfect!