Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rambles on a sick day...

Things haven't been looking bright for me lately, health wise that is . On other aspects, it has been rather okay. But once your health is affected, it will indirectly pull everything else down. I went to office this morning, only to be feeling worst than ever. Cough persisted and head throbbed the minute I cough. Not long after, my tummy started to bloat. Wasn't too sure if it was the antibiotics that causes it. I have been having enough sleep these days.. wasn't even hanging out till wee hours.. oh well.. I dunno.

Anyway, he came in shortly and I really can't take it so had to go back home and rest. Before leaving the office, he made me a glass of eno , it did help to relief the bloated feeling. I have been eating small meals thru out the day even though I don't really wanna eat. But just had to for the intake of medication.

Well, the fact that I can sit up and blog does means that I am feeling better. I am praying not to get bloated again. Why do I get so much air in my tummy? =( Why does being sick makes one so vulnerable ? I simply loathe such feelings.

You know something? I realised I haven't been rambling about such things on my blog for awhile. I used to blog quite a fair bit about my personal life and feelings..but stopped after I get all the stupid crappy comments from undesirable readers.

I think we are all afraid of being alone and the feeling of loneliness. Been sick makes me more sensitive to such stupid feeling.. like 'hey, where is everyone?' Suddenly everyone around me seems to disappear and I try to cling on to the one who shows concern.. which is so so wrong. Rest assure I wouldn't fall into such traps. Some of you may wanna ask ..don't you even miss him? ( even after all the crap he put you thru?) Yes, I do miss him..but what's the point? I have already decided, I will be fine.. Eileen always survives after a fall.. coz she has so many friends out there to pull her up

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Julian said...

I am not one to preach, but having spiritual faith has helped overcome lots in my life. So remember to pray and keep the faith...Oh and drink lots of water eh?

Take care..*bear hugs*