Sunday, February 08, 2009

Whampoa Steamboat with Foodies Friends

Date : 2 Feb 2009
Venue: Whampoa Hawker Center

Luo Hei and Steam Boat Dinner with Facebook Foodies group :)

The popular steamboat
I love the old school style..
we used to have one of these at home..

The steamboat is good..chock full of things inside
There's tons of veggie, bits of yam and lots of fish!
Soup is yummy, but I am not sure if there is MSG.

You can also order side dishes like 酶菜 and bean curd
I love this! Jelly pork... it's a teochew dish..

Dear Thomas came along too

Thomas took this..without flash..
Pity everyone was busy eating...
We didn't take many photos that night

It was a really filling dinner ( i drank lots of soup :p) so the group took a stroll down Balestier and some of us stopped by a dingy karaoke pub near Shaw Balestier .

Sharon and I
( She's one of the girls I am closer to )

Pity they didn't use my camera when taking the group photo.. another girl apparently has the photos in her camera but still hasn't post it up even when Sharon has reminded her to ! HUMPH!
Ok okay.. I don't wish to rant on my blog about such trivial stuff.. Am gonna rest.. I just recovered from fever... Temprature rose to a 38.1 last night ( Saturday) and I had to sponged myself down with ice water. It was horrible trying to sleep with all the heat emitting from my body. ( Aircon was kinda faulty ! ) Guess I really should sleep early from now on...

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