Friday, February 13, 2009

the one who enjoyed The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

What if you were born tiny, old, skin all wrinkly and suffering from arthritics and nearly blind?
That was how Benjamin Buttons was born. I laughed and cried while watching this novel turn movie. :P Brad Pitt's utterly charming .. and thumbs up to the make up .. They transformed him into a old man quite successfully I must say....and he looks really yummy and handsome in his youth :P

It didn't feel like nearly 3 hours when watching the movie....though yes, some parts were draggy..but not quite 'sleep inducing '.

I enjoyed watching young actress Elle Fanning. She is such a sweet pea. She has certainly blossomed into a pretty flower from the days of ' I am Sam'.

She ( Daisy) met Benjamin when he was a frail old man

Cate Blanchett as the grown up Daisy with
everyday getting younger Benjamin

Can't help but cried at the end of the movie... what a way to 'age' and die...

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