Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lunar New Year Weekend Part II

Here's part II of the recent cny weekend

Saturday 31st Jan
Dinner @ Aunt Catherine's (Chrissy's mum)

The thing about Lunar new year, one can really get used to all these eating! Trust me .. i know!
I mean festivities are tied up with food.. there is just no escaping *grin*Just take visitations for instance. What can we do when we are all gathered together in our friend's living room with a table right in front of us, filled with yummy snacks and goodies? It's kinda hard not to stretch out my hands to reach for that bottle of love letters or chocolates for instance.

So , yes, I was invited to dinner at Chrissy's 娘家..and it is always fun being in their company :)

Preparing the 鱼生

All done and ready to be tossed up in the air!!


Thanks for inviting me Chris!
Here's what we ate..
Shabu shabu and sashimi :)

Naughty cheeky lil one..

Sunday 1st Feb

Lunch at ex colleague Eileen's place

Eileen's already into her 6th month of pregnancy :) and is currently at home awaiting for the arrival of her little princess.

Everyone's clothes has flowers on it!

Eileen made the honeycomb thingy herself

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