Monday, February 02, 2009

Lunar New Year Weekend Part I

I am back! on a Sunday night / Monday morning..

Yes yes..I have been lazy! Haven't been keeping up with updating my blog..but it's just for a few days only..hasn't it ? : )

Right..let's recap what did Eileen do for the past few days .... starting with

Friday 30th Jan
St James

I was there with my facebook gang in celebration of a friend's birthday. Mus was there too : ) Apparently he was suppose to just hang around until his friends arrive at 11+pm I asked him to join me and my party first .

Taken in Movida


Saturday 31st Jan

Continuation of Lunar new year visitation

Thomas and I went all the way to Bukit Panjang!! hahahah.. I believe the last time I step foot to that part of earth was a good 10 years ago!

Khim invited us to her place.. I though there is a charm to her living room.. coupled with all the classical chinese decor :)

I look horrible.. it's the time of the month
how apt.. just in time for the seasonal color..

Khim took out her 扬琴。。I just had to have a go at it :)
Khim and her friend played a few tunes for us too..

Shall continue with part II later.. time for bed..

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