Thursday, February 05, 2009

Of Frolick yogurt, Canopy @ bishan and fresh sashimi

Here's another edition of 'what has Eileen been eating'

Chrissy and I met up for late noon tea the week before Lunar New year . We finally paid the Canopy @ Bishan Park a visit after hearing about the place for the longest time.

But guess what! Before venturing out of the car.. we actually ate sashimi haahah..Yes, it may be a big no no for some not to munch in the car.. but it was a hot afternoon..and indulging in sashimi in the comforts of cooling aircon was a welcoming idea.

Super economical! Fresh and yummy
Now you see it...

Now you don't!

We love cafes surrounded by lush green nature
Canopy is a cafe run by Aramsa Spa

Coincidentally, the day we were there, Jazeel Low ( we suppose she has some stakes in the spa/cafe) was just seated one table away from us.

Anyway.. both of us were drained and tired from work ...and was quite zonked out by then (we looked really tired!) . So I've decided not to post up the pics we took. Instead, just feast your eyes on the food

Vegan Carrot Cake



Lunch at Seafood Harvest with my aunt

Dory and steak

Aunt's seafood meal


Have you tried Frolick?

barely 3 mins..and it is melting away...

me and my frolick

Call me me sua koo.. but yeah.. I just tasted Frolick for the very first time last week 0_0

The big colorful button and the button wall is the main feature of Frolick . I saw it few mths back at Chomp chomp's but never try it then. So finally had a chance to eat it last week at it's branch over at Holland V.

If you like yami yogurt, I am sure you're gonna enjoy Frolick. One thing though, the yogurt melts way way way super fast. I mean i dunno if it's the location of the stall or what..but it liquefies so fast before you can say yummy! I guess it could be that it is a concession stand and is just by the it's best to walk over to the air con mall or cold storage to 'preserve' the ice cream. Coz if u eat it in the open..u will end up drinking it in no time! you don't wan to eat it too fast coz that may result in brain freeze..i totally hate that haha.

i love the peach flavor..though i have no idea how the original taste like . it is defin. sweeter than yami..( but it's still good as not everywhere has yami..) and i love the fresh fruits topping..

all in's great to have more of such places.well we can't be eating real rich fattening ice cream all the time can we.. :P


Julian said...

So how much did the bill come to? Value for money? :)

Eileen. 静 said...

hi dear... not quite sure which bill u referring to.

for canopy..the cakes are priced at $9

for frolick.. it's $3.90 for a small cup (the one i ate) without any toppings..and the medium size one is $5+ with one topping.. large one..i forgot liao ...