Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tagged-- 25 things/facts/habits about me ....

*Cut and Paste from my facebook entry*
There is this tag that is going around FB. I was tagged like two here you go...

okay..for starters..i am going to break the rules :P 25 is wayyyyyyyyyy too many things to write about myself.. in fact.. i don't think i can come up with 25 things ..i will try 18! let's see if i can get pass 10
here goes

1-- i still sleep with plush toys.. i love being surrounded by things..i have two pillows, one bolster, and a few plush toys...yes..on my single bed .

2-- i bath twice a day

3--pet peeve-- people digging noses in public! i totally detest it!! stop it pls stop it!! don;'t they know it's really really ugly~?~

4--My mum asked me if i would like to take piano lessons when I was 6 yrs old, and being 6, the piano was a toy to me.. of coz i said yes. I enjoyed lessons for awhile , until the day i found out i had to take exams for it! My piano teacher was really nice, but her teaching methods made me dread going for lessons and it took the fun out of playing piano for me. Honestly I haven't touch my piano for years. So kill me.. oh..yup..i completed 8 grade..theory and practical.

5--I was a choir girl.. for 4 years in secondary school. I had the best times there..going for weekly practices as well as taking part in competitions and the various performances we put up during school events.

6-- the first swear word i utter was the hokkien one.. Chee...b_e when i was in kindergarten. Must have heard it from neighbors or kids in school..

7-- i refused to speak for a week when i was 5. I didn't utter a word. It scared the hell out of my family. Strangely i can remember this incident however, i can't remember why wouldn't i talk.

8--laugh if you must.. i only found out about the birds and bees- ie sex.. when I was 15.

9-- I attended an all girls convent primary school which do not allow students to have long hair. So for 6 yrs I spotted short hair and i told myself I must grow my hair long after completing pri. school. I spend a great deal of time envying cousins who had long hair! I felt 'ugly' with my short hair ..

10--I do not have my chinese name written down in my IC.

11--I had a deed poll done few years back to include "Eileen'' as part of my name. My mum apparently did not include Eileen in my birth cert. I wasn't pleased when I found out. Coz my bro has his english name included .

12-- I hate going for facials. Some ladies love it..but i hate it.

13--I was mistaken for a boy when I took my first flight at 7 years old.. a caucasian called me 'boy' at the airport cafeteria . Blame it on no.9.. reason why i had to spot short hair..

Okay..guess what..I am going to stop at 13. Simply becoz i am tired! hahaaha.

edited-- i thought of more things to add yeah..

14--I never really dated until the ripe age of 19

15--I miracously passed my O levels A maths . Why I even said miracously was I once scored 3/50 for one of the class test. I believe the topic was logarithms

okay..this is really it. 15 things.. tata

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Julian said...

At least you passed...I never liked maths lest it was basic...go figure anyhow wow Choir Girl eh? So when can we do a duet? hee hee