Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The one with bad throat at Dark Knuts

I am still nursing the sore throat.. everyday I am sucking on lozenges and cough drops.. when will it ever go away....

Enough said. Just look at photos k? Kinda tired of typing....

Sentosa on Valentines
We "ta pao" food to Sentoasa for a late night dinner by the beach. It's nothing new, been there done that before. We joined a good handful of couples and bunch of friends who were at the beach with food as well :)

You must be wondering why are
we taking photos with the tree

We think that it is the same tree here in this photo!
We were there on Valentines too...
A good 5 yrs ago!
Make that 8 yrs ago!!


Sunday 15 Feb 08

Afternoon spent with Chestnuts ( dark knuts )

It's another installment of the Chestnuts ! It's just as hilarious as ever. The spoofs, the parodies, the silly commercials.. they love riding on what's current and popular.

My fav. segments would have to be the PM speech.. Rodney Oliveiro really captured the PM's mannerisms and accents well! And how about "mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all " ala the Hokkien version!? Oh, the main focus would have to be the spoof on Ave.Q ( Renamed to Ave P coz the cast that came here were ahem, Filipinos) :P

Another segment I like was the one at the sex shop ;p heeheh... funny lah..

Oh they just had to pull in the little nyoyas as well.. it left us laughing .. and it kinda affected my throat of coz :X

I was quite puzzled how some people in front of us managed to keep a straight face thru out the show! I barely saw them laugh! They probably couldn't catch the joke ( slap forehead ) or simply have no sense of humor ( then why the heck are they at a chestnut show!? )


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