Thursday, January 29, 2009

A very quiet lunar new year

This has been a much much quieter lunar year compared to previous years. Even the shops are mostly opened for business on the 3rd day of the year. Times are really bad. Even my red packet earnings have dropped :P

I don't really have much mood to blog..blame it on pms. So here are some pictures I have taken.. some are quite random

Since Weimin just got back from her recent HK trip..she brought along another 'head gear' / shawl..on the first day of CNY.

hahah..don't ask me what is that!
some pink bear

Apparently such head wear shawl is
quite popular over in China and Hk lately

Here's grandma and all her Tiger grandchildren

Joel and Weimin are both Tigers too..
Oh wait..hee...grandma is born in yr of
Tiger too..

Grandma asking for more ang baos

I love the wide spread of dishes :)

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