Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Shopping Season!

Can you believe that it's just mere days to the Lunar New Year? If you haven't been shopping for your new clothes and shoes, then you better hurry up now. There are only two weekends to do so.. ( this and next ! )

I have been shopping on and off before X'mas and after. Bought some stuff I am not doing much visitations.. so it doesn't matter if I really have brand new clothes or not. After all we ladies buy new clothes and shoes so often these days :P

In case you are wondering, yes I am still bugged by the latest flu virus. It is a very stubborn one this time round. I am still wheezing and coughing . I guess it should clear up by next Sunday, just in time for the reunion dinner and all the pineapple tarts and ba kwa munching :0~

Eileen's shopping basket

from Charles and Keith

Cheap sandals from Tangs sales

flora top from bugis village

MM mascara

bought this while shopping aimlessly with Chrissy and Ruth :)
I love this bird cage!


I dun have much appetite when i was resting at home few days ago
Mum cooked porridge

Grandma received many boxes of
essences of chicken after her surgery!
Do you like drinking it? I do! I love it :)


One of the cutest red packet!
A client sent this to us... I saw it in the letterbox and took 2 from the pack :P

It's time to do some spring cleaning.. I have been neglecting my room for the longest time!

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