Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time out at Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie

Time out
Tea Time @ Canele Shaw Center

It's not easy getting a seat at the indoor area at Canele. It seats at most 25-28 people and many doesn't like to be seated too close to another table. So, it was good that Ruth was early to secure a table for us ! It would be nice to chill out in the al fresco area in the evenings but a big no no in the day. We are in the tropics, mid noon sun is still strong....not some parisian side walk during spring ahhaaa. But the chairs outside looks nice...Moving on...

Chris and Conz arrived slightly later than the appointed timing... and both were famished.

Both ordered the crabmeat (?) spag.

Chrissy was in a generous mood and treated all of us ( including herself!) to crepes!

This is mine.... tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes , coupled with cheese~

Like I say, Chris was starved...
Tomato and bacon ( if i am not wrong)

Ruth's sweet sweet chocolatey crepe

Constance's pinky Strawberry

We had nothing to complain about the food. Though service have much more room for improvement. One of the many guy servers who took our orders didn't repeat our orders ( isn't that like the protocol ? ) and plus, he stood behind our table, yeah, behind, not next... when taking our orders .

A word of advice, the place does gets catty and noisy if most of the tables are filled up. So don't expect a nice quiet evening there with your gal frens or partners :)

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