Saturday, January 17, 2009

The one who visited The Museum of Broken Relationships

I have been wanting to visit The Museum of Broken Relationship ( Part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival ) since it opened in Singapore last week, but was plagued by my stubborn flu, hence I could only go this afternoon ( it ends its run tomorrow).

This is a travelling exhibition and it started out in Croatia . Singapore is their first Asian stop. It revolves around the collection of relationship keepsake, things that meant something to the couples in a marriage or courtship. I am sure most of us have such things either kept away in some dark forgotten corner or still visibly lying in your room even though the person has left you or the marriage has failed. The creator goes around collecting such 'momentos ' and stories behind the items and share with the world.

So there I was reading about what each item means to the contributor and I felt that I am invading their privacy, though I shouldn't feel that way since the relationship has ended.

One interesting item was two packets of durex condoms. The contributor was a girl and she shares with us how they went from strangers, to a fling, to becoming a couple and ended with being friends. They were having sex in the beginning of it, and how slowly the guy got confused and rejected her and the 2 packets of condoms were the remains of how they tried again but failed. And guess what, they both knew that she was hopelessly , incredibly in love with girls!
* rolls eyes*

This key bottle opener was given to a lady by her boyfriend. He always talked about loving her, gave her small gifts but never wanting to sleep with her. She only realised how much he loved her when he died of AIDS. I was quite sad after reading it.

Some contributed break up letters ( I have written a few of those! ) , some gave presents bought during their travels together as married couples .. It's sad to see how some marriage of 20 over years end up in a divorce.

Anyway, just go with an open mind .. it ends tomorrow. I guess some relationships are never meant to be and as with most relationships, it just doesn't come with any warranty.

Event hall name -- Jendela


ShiChen said...

Is the exibit free?

The aids story very sad..

Eileen. 静 said...

yes free... but over liao..