Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~2 days to Friday~

So I haven't had much inspiration nor the drive to update my blog these few days. Was trying to cope with the last bit of my cough and am glad to say it has stopped bothering me. I am all well to start munching on the new year goodies. Haha..of coz not! I wouldn't wanna find myself coughing any sooner.

Oh, did you catch the inauguration of President Obama? I missed it.. to think that I was still awake.. :/ I mean it was such an historical moment for the States. But he has much to do as soon as he is sworn in.. as this is one of the worst recession ever ...


Being sick and all, I could only settle for light and easy to swallow food for meals. I was eating porridge for a couple of days..and where else can I get porridge that can appease my not too pleased palette but crystal jade!

I am a big fan of their porridge...

these peas make a very healthy snack

I haven't been taking many random photos these days coz handphone decided to go on a strike! yes, it has some problems and repair cost would easily set me off by $100+++ . Hence I am using my super old backup phone with equally back dated camera :[ Ugly pixelated grainy photos just don't motivate me to capture anything with it.

Anyway, below are two pictures of nicole case you miss her :P Chris and I brought her to the salon to have her super long hair chopped off. The childcare teacher complained that her hair is too long :/

Just look at that cheeky face!
She's so cute .. we were shopping at the supermarket, and she just simply picked up the melon and kept saying telephone! hahaa..she has good imagination :)


Been playin with Pet society ...
Eileen..pls grow up!

Here's Woodle having her donut

Woodle taking a nap

Don't peek! Woodle is taking her bath!


And so...i cut and dyed my hair

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