Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009

Lunar New Year 2009

Reunion Dinner

Even though it wasn't some elaborate dinner , mum and aunt took the effort to whip up some dishes for all of us. It's great to have everyone gather around for the yearly reunion dinner

Cousin Weimin was in Hong Kong recently for a short trip and yeah..she was transformed into Minnie Mouse at Hk Disney land . Of coz I can't resist the chance to wear those ears...

Come come..
have some mandarin orange and snacks!

The flowers have bloomed just in time for 春节~
It's a lovely sight looking down from my corridor

How has your Lunar New Year been so far? Mine was quite routine I must say.. with the first day being at home welcoming my relatives. Second day is as usual quiet.. until I received impromptu invites for coffee and dinner by some friends. So off I go after posting this entry!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday! Huat ah :)


Julian said...

It is always a treat to spend some time with the family....And you make an awfully cute Minnie Mouse! *winks*

Anonymous said...

-chants- update update update update