Saturday, January 24, 2009

Night Picnic at the Marina Barrage

Night Picnic at the Marina Barrage
22nd January 2009Thursday

It is a lovely place.. we were treated to a breathtaking view of Singapore's skyline, the vast space of the barrage , as well as the cold sea breeze. A sweater or jacket is needed... else just prepare to battle with the cold wind!

There were about 20 of us (Chrissy's cell group mates) , and all of us contributed food for the evening :)

There was salad, curry puffs, homemade yogurt dessert, chicken wings etc

Chris' creation
breakfast sausages wrapped with
teriyaki beef and grated cheese

Timothy preparing his highly fattening yogurty dessert
He prepared the salad as well.. yummy :)

The wind was really strong and our hair were all sticky
and yucky in matters of minutes

Pig in the making--aftermath of eating.
Mark promptly lie down after eating! He couldn't resist
the cooling environment

Here's Nicole ( in red jacket) and her good friend Anthea
enjoying the breeze. Cute!

I must revisit this place again in the day!
If you intend to go in the day, make sure you are equipped with
sunscreen as well as an umbrella...


Eddie Lim said...

nice photos =)

Anonymous said...

lovely photos~

I can almost feel the said wind :p

rach said...

hey i was wondering if the grassy area above is open for picnics as well?=)

Eileen. 静 said...

Hi rach-- can sit around the grass patch above :) though it is really windy and kinda chilling at nite.Not to mention it is kinda dark as there are not many lights around * more romantic for the many couples there to whisper sweet nothings *

and if you were to picnic there in the day.. would be nicer..perhaps go around 6+ so it wouldn't be so hot.. there are no shelters up there

rach said...

oh thank you for the reply!
haha. thats so sad... !
is there somewhere we can sit where theres light and yet have space for a 35 people picnic?
or at the rooftop i saw this thing whereby light was emitting from. not sure whether its some stage or something.

Eileen. 静 said...


are u planning for a night picnic too?

My group was quite large too for that evening ( 25?) and we actually sat around the marina barrage bridge which was below the grassy area. There are 8 sheltered 'pavillons' with a seating area ( we double that up as our table) . it is well lighted , plus u can bring mats to sit around. Though some people may have to stand since ur grp's quite big :P

hope this helps :)

Dee said...

hi there, sorry if i'm being random here but i stumbled upon ur blog while i was googling night picnics; i'm planning one for 15 ppl.. when u said the marina barrage bridge with sheltered pavilions, did u mean the crest gates?
like so?

Eileen. 静 said...

Helo Dee :)

yes ..u got that right :) that was where my group had our picnic :) it's really nice and very breezy :)

Dee said...

that sounds perfect, thank you Eileen! :)