Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wild Rice's Snow white & the Seven Dwarfs

This is my 2nd last theater production for the year. Totally loved it :) But there are some characters that gave me bad goosebumps hahaha.

This is the first time which I didn't purchase the programme note. *too ex leh..* It costs $6 for 2, and $4 for 1. ( I was slightly late in meeting my friends, so the rest bought already ) * Chrissy... wink wink..get for me if u can hor!! Thanks *

Some parts of the musical got me cringing.. for eg. the pageant part . On hind sight, it was funny...yet also kinda gross to see those 'beauties' in their costumes. I must say Sebastian Tan was good with the evil Queen role.. and he has an uncanny resemblance to Margret Chan in that horrible drama (masters of the sea) . Elena Wong ( from beauty world ) sang wonderfully and we all love her voice! She made such a sweet Snow White! :) The prince , Dwayn Tan paled in comparison. Though for a new comer, he was okay. Somehow he has those taiwanese boy band look..must have been the hair do :)

Took snap shots of the cast.. that's the Queen in the middle, with Celine Rosa Tan( great vocals too) on the right, playing the role of magic mirror and prince on the right :) Pity I couldn't get a nice pic of Snow white..

Here's the poster..

As a tradition with most Wild Rice productions, this one is no less different from the others. It is peppered with innuendos ...both sexual and political :P That's what made the play so hilarious.

Oh, the dwarfs aren't really like those in the animation.. these dwarfs erm.. are not as likable...they were the outcast of the country..banished to another 'world'.

It's a fun musical, one for both kids and adults :)

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