Friday, December 19, 2008

From the desk of the happy one..

ok ok..I know I haven't been up to date with regards to my blog. But first things first, the results of my blood test is out..and phew! everything is okay.. as in no big issue, except some of the signs like fatigue, feeling breathless at times etc are somewhat stress related.

Cholesterol levels, both HDL and LDL are okay..however, have to watch out for HDL as mine is at the borderline high range. Looks like it's time to implement the 'fish soup, kwey tiao soup, ban mian' diet. ( gonna be tough during this festive CNY is just next mth >.< ) Of coz how can I leave out exercising. Hmm..even though the doc assured me that the blood pressure is of normal range, I felt it was rather high and worrying. With the hope and want(ing) of living till a healthy ripe old age, I really really really really...( just have to reiterate how important this is ) need to take care of my body and health. We all should in fact! Nothing beats having good health. I shall make staying healthy my way of life for the new year!

Happy times Installment I
tze char dinner at upper thomson

Look who has stolen the limelight ?

Food at this tze char stall is good and cheap :)

We hopped over to Ice 3 cafe in the drizzle for some desserts ( all these eating has to stop :/ ok ok..who am i kidding.. i know i will still eat..but have to cut down..)

Happy Times Installment 2

Chrissy and I both ordered crepes and ice cream.
Here's mine-- banana with almond flakes , topped with a scoop of french vanilla :)

The mad scientist
Mark and his special alcholic concoction

Chrissy's brownie crepe and chocolate ice cream


Ahem.. *coughcough* smelly feet~
Can u see that Chris and I are wearing the same pair of slippers :)

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