Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Times Part I

Perhaps it was the venue, or perhaps I was tired.. I only enjoyed 60% of "Another Crazy Christmas"

Like Chrissy and the rest of the audience, I laughed madly at the 3 "obamaese'' ladies , Hossan Leong's mambo jambo segment as well as Sebastian Tan's hokkien song. However, the rest were just alright. Something was lacking. Still, it was nice to see all of the Dream Academy performing and singing :) I was there with Constance, her husband, Maria, Chrissy and Mark

Maria stealing a pic during the show :}

Managed to catch Hossan after the show :)

Hopped over to Blu Jaz at Bali Lane

More fun and laughter at Blu Jaz


it's beginning to feel alot like X'mas!!

( oops.. Nicole did a 'V' sign gone wrong :P
Chris must have snapped too fast haah )

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