Sunday, December 28, 2008

of X'mas Celebration Part II-- Eileen is blessed....

Christmas Eve 24 Dec

CHC Candle Light Christmas Service

Isn't it a pretty sight? I attended CHC's X'mas service and joined in with the rest in the special candle light moment. The lights went off and out came the candles. 一片火海。。太美了:)

Yeah.. no Nicole around coz she is in the nursey..phew :P

The Lims :)

With Mark and his bro Glenn

We went for dinner cum supper after that at
Old HK Cafe at Katong
I look terrible.. tired after a long day..
Cos was at work b4 that....


Present time!
Here are the gifts I received this year~
Thanks everyone for the fantabulous ( pls pls, only use this word in your blog! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this in school.. ) gifts!

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ShiChen said...

best wishes for the year ahead :P

Paiseh I haven't been visiting much, been enjoying myself way too much during the holidays lol

my first semester is over and the next one beckons in 2 weeks!